Public-Private Partnerships for Ship & Shipping

September 4, 2020 5:00 - 5:45

Location: Room 27B


Europe has an unique concentration of high added value maritime industries and high added shipbuilders. Ships, platforms, harbors and yards, are going to be re-immagined in the next 15-30 years to keep the pace with the on-going greening revolution. This is the key that will allow seas to become the cornerstone of a renewed blue economy according to the blue growth paradigm. We will have platform far away in the ocean harvesting clean energy and transferring it on-shore, we will have ships powered with hydrogen and equipped to travel at sea unmanned, we will have electrical ferries connecting our cities and small islands. Making this vision concrete will require Europe to set up its efforts to foster innovation in the industry, and industry and academia to cooperate to solve the technical challenges that lie ahead. Italy has proposed to the European Commission the creation of an European Public Private Partnership for waterborne transport, to ease this jump ahead for the maritime industry. During the event we will host two keynote speeches on the future of the maritime industry, in order to highlight the challenges ahead.

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