Responsible Creativity: on the verge of a Fashion Revolution

September 2, 2020 8:30 - 10:00


Creativity cannot avoid engaging in the urgent conversation on the environmental cost of its current model, especially being one of the industries with the heaviest impact on the issue, with a great number of unsustainable practices that need to be readdressed. All creatives need to raise awareness of a number of key concepts which will characterize the next years and decades: sustainability and responsibility, recycling and regeneration. The entire industry needs to be deeply reformed, each element has to be rediscussed in order to promote a more conscious consumption, to reduce the impact of production and shape a new awareness in consumption and use. To this purpose, also the media are called to become more and more determined and accurate in sharing the impressive data on the subject and inform the users. To achieve such goals, a collective brainstorming on the part of the various actors in the fashion system seems the only way to inspire and start a true revolution, because the clock is ticking.

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