Rethinking Science Communication: Science Stories in Perspective

September 4, 2020 8:30 - 10:00

Location: Virtual Room 1


We are exposed to both good and bad science communication in a changing media world. What difference does it make if you tell a story in one or another way? What are the effects of the way science is told in the different channels? How is the public and the scientific community interacting? What are the new strategies for engaging the public to understand and to trust science in a media world full of anti-scientific propaganda, misinformation, and lack of evidence-based facts?

We can also observe a change in media towards more digitalization and new business models. There are both challenges and opportunities in these developments and all stakeholders involved in science communication can benefit from knowing in which direction the current transformations are headed to be prepared for the future.

In this session we will present results from three current Horizon 2020 projects: CONCISE, QUEST and RETHINK, which measure and analyse the state of the art of science journalism and communication in Europe seen from different perspectives. Following the presentation of the highlights from these projects, the evolution of science communication in Europe and how it impacts society will be analysed and the most important messages discussed.

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