Science Diplomacy and Oceans Management

September 5, 2020 12:00 - 1:30

Location: Auditorium 28A


Given the multitude of challenges faced globally, such as climate change, food security, energy, and water, international cooperation is key.  In addressing the challenges posed within the oceans domain, it doesn’t come as a surprise that no country alone can undertake its sustainable utilization and management.
Innovative mechanisms for cooperation are many, within the domains of sustainable oceans management, sustainable resource management as well as the development of key technologies that will further our discovery and understanding of the oceans. Whilst discovery still very much remains at the heart of this vast resource, we are also exploring ways to address some of the key challenges.  
Pollution, access to resources, sustainable livelihoods of coastal communities, tourism, transport as well as conservation are at the heart of some of the key discussions taking place globally. The development of solutions to address the challenges as well as assist with better management of this resource is key. Several efforts across various regions are creating the platforms through science diplomacy that are further enhancing the strategy behind oceans management.  
Speakers in this session will touch on the ways that these partnerships have addressed some of the challenges, highlight innovative mechanisms that ensure science diplomacy and oceans management have gone further to address the sustainable development goals.  Such initiatives that will be highlighted includes multilateral initiatives in various regions. Speakers in this session will highlight how transboundary cooperation and science diplomacy efforts have impacted positively on the management of our Ocean.

Organized by: South African Department of Science and Technology (SOUTH AFRICA)

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