SEA Science tea: the BlueMed Ambassadors' perspectives towards a shared governance of the Mediterranean

September 5, 2020 12:00 - 1:30

Location: Room 28H


The Mediterranean has been a crossroad for the history, economy and culture of Europe, Middle East and North Africa. However, human activities impacting the basin have been largely neglected, nor was a coordinated plan for a sustainable governance of the Sea developed.
The Euro-Mediterranean initiative BlueMed is engaged in coordinating Research & Innovation agendas throughout the basin, to promote a sustainable marine and maritime development: the “Blue Growth” approach can be expressed as a knowledge-driven quantum jump in the management of marine resources towards a synergistic, non-conflicting and sustainable use of the sea, radically different from current practices and aimed to the improvement of social wellbeing.
SEA SciencE teA will bring to ESOF the perspectives of the young BlueMed Ambassadors coming from the Northern and Southern Med shores about the most pressing issues R&I can tackle – among which is plastic litter, that the initiative is addressing with a devoted pilot action.
The Ambassadors, in dialogue with high-profile officers from the European Commission and the Union for the Mediterranean at ESOF, will showcase the results of their year-long work on understanding their countries’ views on the challenges for a shared governance of the Sea. They will narrate their findings and experiences in creative ways: e.g. 3-minutes pitches, short videos, storytelling, graphics, performances. The location will be designed as an informal space, as in the tradition of Mediterranean cultures, with coffee and mint tea being served to all participants. The officers and the audience, listening to the Ambassadors' voices, will be encouraged to join the exchange in a free relaxed way.
As final result of the meeting, the policy officers will engage in reporting the instances and perspectives expressed by the Ambassadors to relevant political levels, in order to be heard where the R&I and Sea management policies are designed, including awareness and ocean literacy.

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