Sensing and Shaping Smart Cities in the Post-COVID Era

September 3, 2020 12:00 - 1:30

Location: Room 27B


The direct experience of the COVID pandemic has impacted the way we travel, commute and work, highlighting the importance of remote working, digital collaboration and workplace safety. As we approach the post-COVID stage, new ideas are now emerging to reshape our everyday life within urban environments.

History shows indeed that post-crisis effects are not always only temporary. “Crisis” is also the Greek word for “decision”: will cities hunker down, waiting for a return to the previous condition, or will they be prepared to take on the post-pandemic reality?

Now is the time for action: cities all around the world need to start implementing innovative solutions, redesigning urban schemes and reallocating their spaces thanks to the countless possibilities offered by the digital progress. Industry 4.0 and state-of-the-art technologies represent an essential tool in order to bridge critical gaps and upgrade existing infrastructures, as well as to improve the overall quality of life by making cities more inclusive and sustainable.

This panel aims at sharing current global trends, best practices and viewpoints on how to implement successfully these innovative technologies, promoting the advance of digital economy and a safe, healthy ecosystem. Featuring the participation of governmental representatives, international organizations and research institutions, the discussion will explore the role of the development sector in the articulation and acceleration of ideas and projects aimed at turning post-COVID cities into smart cities.

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