Simulations driven industry, the case of shipbuilding and maritime

September 6, 2020 10:15 - 11:00


Simulations have steadily increase their relevance for the processes of different industries in the past few years. It is common nowadays to think to simulation as one of the fundamental tools that cannot be missing in any engineering company. Maritime companies are no exception. While only a few years ago simulations were limited essentially to hydrodynamics and to models used to assess the structural resistance of ships, today they are becoming common tools to sound every detail of the design (consider the role they play for ventilation, air conditioning, electrical grid designs, safety choices, or failure prevention/investigation). A further expansion of the usage of simulations for optimization of operations of ships, yards and harbors is being deployed. Europe, thanks to the unique concentration of companies operating in the high end of the value added maritime products is a key player in developing tools, and techniques for extending the application of simulations as design and operations optimization essential tool. During the event, we will host two keynote speeches on the benefits and on the new form of using simulations for the benefit of maritime companies, and we will ask some selected stakeholders to give their point of view on the next evolutions the we can expect in this domain.

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