Skillset required of researchers of the 21st century

September 3, 2020 10:15 - 11:45

Location: Euroscience Virtual Room


The world of academic as well as industrial research is changing rapidly. The progress made in all fields science and technology, including such areas as machine learning and robotics, combined with the calls for more widespread open access and open data, will have a lasting impact on how research is performed, communicated and applied. In addition, research-based technological innovation is leading to more critical societal scrutiny and a demand for stronger accountability, integrity and responsibility both for researchers and for science itself. This roundtable brings together four prominent senior researchers, two from the industrial sector and two from academia, to discuss the new skill sets required for young researchers entering the scientific community and how higher-education systems can be adapted to help them develop their talents and succeed in a scientific career whether in the public or private sectors.

1. Michael Matlosz, Moderator (Professor at the University of Lorraine (France) and President of EuroScience): Introduction of the speakers and the topic of the round table (5 min)

2. Grazia Vittadini (Chief Technology Officer, Airbus): point of view of a European-based multinational aerospace corporation (10 min)

3. Marja Makarow (Director of Biocenter Finland): Point of view of a national network of six universities and five biocenters (10 min)

4. Patrick Maestro (Chief Scientific Officer, Solvay): Point of view of a Belgian-based multinational corporation specialised in materials, solutions and chemicals (10 min)

5. Discussion moderated by Michael Matlosz (25 min)

6. Open discussion with the audience moderated by Michael Matlosz (30 min)

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