Sustainable Development Goals - Planet on a diet for a healthy future

September 5, 2020 8:30 - 10:00

Location: Virtual Room 1


Huge global changes are occurring on our Planet in the natural and urban environment. Climate change, demographic trends and other environmental and social issues form serious challenges to preserve a healthy future globally. It is necessary to take urgent actions that are forthcoming by the sustainable development goals (SDG).
SDGs should not be a list of wishes. We need to undertake a holistic approach to achieve a sustainable future for new generations. An important role of public health professionals is to bring together health expertise with nonmedical expertise in order to make public-health action possible and achievable.
The process of changing seems to be faster than predicted a few years ago. There is no unique recipe. We give some proven and claimed solutions and views from different perspectives for futher action in communities and nature.
Important part is a transformative process of education through a life cycle which would produce corresponding changes in the mindset of the population/citizens/children. It is also needed to reinforce appropriate innovative technologies that respect imperatively environment and contribute to achieve sustainable development goals, especially in conjunction with the field of public health. Health, environment and education as priorities, which are strongly linked, contribute to the achievement of other SDGs and strengthen the preservation of population health (children’s health especially) through process and adoption of a "SDG" mindset.
Exchange of ideas, experiences and attitudes among scientists and citizens should result in more focused research, action programs, standards and advocacy related to reach the targets of the SDGs. It is important to reconsider regularly if the path towards those SDGs is delivering a better future. We have to be aware, that even though the major target group of the SDGs are children, the main obligation and responsibility to bring a healthy future lies in the hands of adults today.

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