Systems' integrators for a Sustainable Circular Bioeconomy

September 2, 2020 10:15 - 11:45


Several initiatives at European level have been launched in the last years to support the creation of an Innovation Ecosystem to promote Sustainable Circular Bioeconomy, ranging from projects funded by the European Commission (e.g. Horizon 2020 programme and BBI JU), networks at European, National and Regional level (e.g. The Bioeconomy Knowledge Center, European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform, ENRD and Urban Agenda), research and industrial Clusters.These initiatives act as Innovation Ecosystem Integrators facilitating the QH Stakeholders (Research, Business, Policy, Civil Society) to collaborate and join forces to identify opportunities, address existing challenges and barriers, promoting a sustainable innovation ecosystem in bioeconomy. Nevertheless not all the stakeholders seem to have a central role in the definition of the policy and industrial agendas. Some actors, like the citizens, are not always participating as active players in driving the change, therefore a deeper reflection is needed to maximise the impact of the systems’ integrators activities to boost the innovation ecosystem.
In this context the workshop will mobilise QH stakeholders to discuss how to:
• transform the research outcomes into Actionable Knowledge for the Stakeholders
• ensure that all the “voices” are engaged in the debate, including the civil society
• find common objectives and language to facilitate the dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders
• transfer knowledge and best practices between sectors and value chains
• drive the change raising awareness on bioeconomy and bio-based products
The workshop will build on the experience of the European Bioeconomy Network, an alliance of 45 EU funded projects, initiatives promoting the Sustainable Circular Bioeconomy in Europe. The organizers are involved in projects (Biobridges, LIFT, BIOVOICES, BIOWAYS, Dandelion) having promoted more than 130 multistakeholders workshops around EU in last 3y.

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