The future of European Science ‘global Europe’

September 3, 2020 2:30 - 4:00

Location: EuroScience Virtual Room


The EU’s global response to Covid-19 has put Europe on the global stage, demonstrating that science is key to realising its global ambitions. Both the DE Presidency and European Commission have shown global leadership – but what long-lasting legacy will it leave for Europe’s place in the world?
The second half of 2020 is a key time for European science, with agreement on Horizon Europe, the re-launch of ERA and new relationship negotiations set to close. How will these developments shift the position of European science globally? Will it bring Europe closer to competing on the global stage and tacking the grand challenges of our time?
In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the Commission has launched an ambitious EU4Health programme to build the EU’s capacity to respond to future health crises. What can the science community expect as the EU increases its competencies in this area?

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