The "I support sustainability" project

September 6, 2020 10:15 - 11:45


ARDISS is the Regional Agency for the Right to Higher Education, an entity established in the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy). ARDISS main referent are students and its institutional mission consists in managing services to support students overcoming the material difficulties and reaching the highest levels of study.
ARDISS has found among its guests a widespread interest in environmental problems and that’s the reason why, in the framework of Sustainable Development Goals of the U.N., is carrying out a series of actions in favour of environmental sustainability.
The broader context is the project I SUPPORT SUSTAINABILITY, organized by the Agency and presented in April 2019 during a national meeting.
The actions identified so far are the result of the evaluation of working tables which have covered three main topics:

  1. Water (preserving this precious gift);
  2. Waste separation and recycling activities;
  3. Behaviors that protect environment and reduce the waste of energy and resources
    The assorted working tables composition, consisting of students, our Agency officials, local authorities, university professors, and managers of the companies involved in the project, discussed in each area a series of proposals for less or no impact on our environment, promoting the same scientific and practical approach made own by N.U., based on objectives and results that can be measured by appropriate indicators.
    In this sense, we would like to underline the harmony of our project with the spirit of ESOF 2020 and be able to share this idea and its practical realization: in the framework of a project focused on the exchange of best practices (also within the European Council for Student’s Affairs - ECTSA context), ARDISS is in contact with national and international partners - and searching for other ones - with good experience in waste managment, recycle, sustainability, environmental impact and/or water-related issues.

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