The mobility of researchers: obstacles, opportunity a concrete project for a pan-European pension scheme

September 3, 2020 4:15 - 5:45


The European Charter for Researchers acknowledges the value of mobility in all its facets“as an important means of enhancing scientific knowledge and professional development at any stage of a researcher’s career. This also requires that the necessary administrative instruments be put in place to allow the portability of both grants and social security provisions, in accordance with national legislation.“ In reality there are many obstacles to international mobility, including within the EU, linked to differences in the field of labour law, tax systems and social security. The objective of the workshop is to investigate the complications related to mobility in general and for researchers in particular, and to propose ideas for the future that will make it possible to overcome the obstacles. In the specific field of social security, a project supported by the European Commission is illustrated as a unique example of an international and multi-employer pension fund specially designed for research community that is currently tackling issues related to portability and adequacy of pensions.

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