The marine litter problem: sources, dispersion and impacts

September 4, 2020 8:30 - 10:00

Location: Room 27A


Marine litter is a known problem, in particular plastic and microplastic are present in all the seas around the world.
The proposed round table focuses the attention on the status of the marine litter in the Adriatic basin and its coastline. This problem will be considered from different points of view, starting from the journey the litters do in the Adriatic and continuing with the most effective tools available today to this end. Satellite monitoring and numerical simulations are going to be considered together with in situ sampling.
The moderator will lead the experts and the attendees to consider the current pollution as a consequence of the dispersion of end-of-life goods. So the sources of such kind of pollutions are going to be identified. As a consequence, radical solutions of the marine litter problem will be searched in limiting the production of goods that potentially could became litters. As an alternative or a complementary action, the educational approach will be considered.
The above described physical and technological aspects of marine litter won’t be left disconnect to impacts marine litter cause to the Adriatic ecosystem. Specifically, the consequence on the biodiversity of plastic and microplastic objects, dispersed in water, are expected to give hints to the priorities for future refinements in monitoring and in the definition of actions towards the sources reduction.

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