Would Einstein get hired today? Entrepreneurship education and Design Thinking for career development and transition to industry

September 5, 2020 2:30 - 4:00

Location: Virtual Room 2


Businesses and employers across all sectors presuppose the academic and technical excellence of graduates. However, they must increasingly differentiate and identify future employees based on core competencies and skills, such as creative problem-solving, teamwork, understanding of risk and overall resilience. Recent reports by professional bodies like the Chartered Institute for Professional Development have drawn attention to the “skills mismatch” between graduates and the labour market, especially vis-a-vis the percentage of graduates working in professions which traditionally would not have required a degree.

What does this mean for young researchers and PhD students who are currently looking to transition from research into different careers? What might help them in the process of switching from an ‘all I know is science’-mindset to an ‘oh, I might actually be good at something else’-way of thinking? This is where entrepreneurial thinking and the design-thinking methodology might offer useful advice.

In this session, experienced trainers in entrepreneurship and career guidance will offer an interactive workshop to try out elements of design thinking and apply them to your own career aspirations. Participants are encouraged to attend the session from a desktop/laptop and have a mobile device at hand

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