Science to Business themes

 The Science-to-Business programme will be a unique platform in Europe to exchange ideas and good practices from around the world on research-driven business models and on the economic developments resulting from technological innovation.

12 themes with a special input on business trends and future will be highlighted:

  1. Business Networks
  2. Business to Science, Innovator’s thinking
  3. Climate Change
  4. Business Trends in Transport Technologies
  5. Business in a Digital World
  6. Tourism, New way of life
  7. Innovation Challenges of the Silver Economy
  8. Human Factors and Persons first in Business – the Industry of the Future
  9. Science, Research and Entrepreneurship
  10. Change of the Entrepreneurial Paradigm
  11. Security and Safety
  12. Responsible Research and Innovation

+ 4 cross-cutting themes

  • Risk and safety
  • Inequalities
  • Gender
  • Ethics