ESOF2020 Trieste Careers program

Careers Programme

The Careers Programme provides opportunities for everyone involved in scientific disciplines, from researchers to representatives from industry, training and educational institutes, science journalists to policy makers to engage with one another to discuss issues and ideas related to researchers either at their early stage or at stage of transition later on in their career.

With economic, social and environmental challenges facing Europe and the new mission-oriented Horizon Europe framework around the corner, providing a strong sense of direction to guide younger generations is a priority, in order to make it easier to develop relevant skillsets which can promote personal and professional growth. To reach this objective, a concerted effort by policy makers, business actors and educational institutions is of paramount importance.

To achieve this, the ESOF 2020 Science and Science to Business Programme Committees created a Career Programme, to explore how career opportunities are evolving, as well as the effect that this evolution will have on both the education system and the job market. The programme adresses five main issues: