Science in The City Festival

Science in the City Festival


The Science in the City Festival is an important feature of every Euroscience Open Forum dedicated to people of all ages who are curious about science and technology. It is one of the largest public engagement in science and technology events in Europe taking place from 27 June until 11 July 2020.

The whole Trieste, in 2020 the European City of Science, will be alive with all kinds of event: science shows, exhibitions, theatre, science cafes, hands-on activities, lectures, concerts, discussion games and much more to celebrate and discuss the latest developments in science and technology. The contamination between science and art, science and poetry, hard sciences and humanities will produce innovative exhibits and events. Speakers of the Euroscience Open Forum will meet general audiences in the town spaces bringing main topics to the attention of all citizens.

You can already submit your proposals to join this celebration of science, technology, art and society by completing the procedure through on the proESOF2020 website.

The Festival will host international performers and will be multilingual, engaging tens of thousands of participants coming from all over the world.