ESOF2020 Science to Business Programme

Science to Business Programme

The Science to Business program is aimed at fostering interaction between the worlds of public and private R&D, as well as public institutions and private enterprise.

This heterogeneous group can include everyone from CEOs, CTOs, entrepreneurs, applied and industrial scientists, academia and public research institutions, IP managers and organizations, corporate R&D communications, HR and careers managers, technology parks, regional/European innovation authorities, science to business students, technology transfer organizations, business angels, venture groups, trade associations, incubators, banking institutions.

Now more than ever, it is of fundamental importance that efficient and mutual knowledge, expertise and technology transfer between these actors is in place, in order to not only ensure innovation, but to make sure that innovation is sustainable.

The creation of collaborative relationships between all stakeholders involved, from academia to private enterprise and policy makers is essential to ensure sustainability across all domains, economic, environmental and social, so that no one is left behind.