Christine Heller del Riego

remote convenor Christine Heller del Riego

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Christine Heller del Riego is the Managing Editor of, a science media platform exploring the perspectives of science and the humanities. From 1997-2012, she was a professor of Electrical Engineering at Comillas University’s Engineering School ICAI in Madrid, Spain. She received her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from UPMC Sorbornne Universités, after completing an EU Research Fellowship (Human Capital and Mobility Programme) at Supélec, France.

She has been active in science communication for more than 20 years. Governing Board Member of EuroScience (2018-2022), she served earlier on the board (2000-2008) after being a member of board of the Marie Curie Fellowship Association (1998-2000). She was a founding member of the 1st EuroScience Open Forum in Stockholm and the ESOF 2014 Programme Manager in Copenhagen.