Luigi Bertinato

remote moderator; remote speaker Luigi Bertinato

Italian National Institute of Health

Graduated in Medicine in 1982 at the University of Padua, and completed his Ph.D. in Internal Medicine in 1987 at the University of Verona; Public policy advisor in the areas of international public health policies, cross border health care, international health emergencies, medical tourism, human resources for health management, international health regulations and health determinants; Lecturer in Tourist Health for the Master inInternational Health Care Management, MCI Management Centre, Innsbruck; WHO External evaluator of the Communicable Disease Programme ( 1999); Former Board Member of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies (untill 2010), WHO Regions for Health Network, WHO European Office for Investment for Health & Development, Venice ( until 2010), former President of Sanicademia ( untill 2011); Project leader and involved in over 70 European health projects. Involved in international health emergencieson behalf of the Italian Regions (eg. Kosovo war, Albania political change, Tsunami, Lebanon war, earthquake relief in Iran and Turkey, MEDEVAC from Iraq and Afghanistan). Publisher of over 100 scientific papers, reports and guidelines. Specialized in the following areas: health care systems management, international public health policies, cross border health care, international health emergencies, medical tourism, international healthcare management, human resources for health management, internationalhealth regulations and health determinants. Particular focus in the following areas:•Management of projects related to training of health professionals, development, planning, carrying out and evaluating of human resources for health projects on behalf of the Veneto Region. Proven experience in leading seminars, conferences and workshops in the area of training of health professionals. Development of Regional and Cross-border training initiatives together with Regional representatives and representatives from Member States. Organization, moderation and management of seminars and workshops. Former President of Sanicademia (The International Training Academy for health professionals EEIG and international interdisciplinary centre for training and further education for health professionals).•International health emergency and crisis management: Development of and liaison role in International health emergencies & crises coordination initiatives, as part of a national task force for international emergencies on behalf of Government Institutions. Actively involved in managing and coordinating shipments of pharmaceutical drugs and medical equipment donated by Regional hospitals to war-stricken areas (Kosovo, Albania, Iraq and countries struck by natural disasters (Albania, Beirut, and key coordinating and supervising role in ensuring the repatriation of Italian Citizens from crisis areas. •International Health Care Management, focus on Tourism and Health: involvement in a number of European health and social care projects, in the area of health policy, e-health, health promotion, global health and patient mobility. He has been a focal point for the Veneto Region in its collaboration with the World HealthOrganization, especially for the Verona Initiative project on determinants of health, as well as member of the scientific advisory board of the WHO European Office for Investment for health and development in Venice. Key role in developing bi-lateral Agreements between AOK and TK, and HTH Worldwide and the Veneto, in the realm of health service provision to their insurers when visiting the Veneto. In 2010 he organized the 3rd European Conference on Medical Tourism in Monastier, near Venice.Currently, I am the coordinator of the Clinical Governance Sector within the National Institute of Health which include the following. HTA (Health Technology Assessment), Quality in Health Care, Telemedicine and Innovative Technologies and the DRGs (Disease Related Groups)and the head of office of the scientific secretariat to the President of the Italain national Institute of health.