Riccardo Sabatini

remote speaker Riccardo Sabatini

Orionis Biosciences
Chief Technology Officer

Riccardo Sabatini is a world renown scientist and entrepreneur specialized in numerical modeling of complex system, ranging from material science, financial markets, computational genomics and drug design.

Active supporter of high impact projects, he’s co-founder of the Refugees Action HUB center at MIT, educational effort of MIT targeting displaced population around the world; board member of the Fondazione ENI Enrico Mattei; member of the advisory board at ENI Next, deep-tech venture fund based in Boston; expert member of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence, OECD multistakeholder initiative to guide the responsible development and use of AI; angel investor and BoA of leading startups working in AI.

In the past he's been chairman of the I7/G7 for artificial intelligence; founding member of Aiida and Quantum ESPRESSO, the largest open source suite for quantum modeling of materials; lead research scientist for Human Longevity, Silicon Valley unicorn working at the intersection of genomics and artificial intelligence.