ESOF2020 - Trieste Travel Information

Travel To Trieste

Trieste is a seaport in northeastern Italy, situated at the end of a narrow strip of Italian territory lying between the Adriatic  Sea and the coast of Slovenia and Croatia, just an hour and a half drive, east of Venice.

Trieste has its own airport (TRS) with daily connections to International airports like Rome (FCO) and Munich (MUC) . In less than one hour by train or bus from Trieste, you can reach Venice International Airport (VCE), Treviso (TSF) and Ljubljana (LJU)

When you are in Trieste

Trieste is rather a small city and it is easy to walk around the city centre. Public transportation can also be used to move around and reach farther destinations. Please remember that bus tickets have to be purchased prior to boarding the bus and validated when you get onboard. For further information, please visit

Taxi service available 24 hours a day, you can call the local line +39 040 307730

City Life

In the last few years, several international press articles have highlighted Trieste as among the most beautiful and interesting places to visit in Europe. Recently, Trieste has been defined as “a paradise for culture, science, coffee and sea lovers”.

The city offers a rich tradition of food and wine, with top restaurants, bars and many, good quality, cheap and fascinating local places called “Trattoria”, that anyone can discover just walking around, or you can drive to an “Osmica” 15 minutes from the centre to taste cured ham, cheese and eggs produced and directly offered by the farmers on their farms.

But Trieste is also an exciting place to develop science and research. The presence of 30 international centres for research and technology transfer, plus many international companies is inspirational and guarantees direct links for creating and stimulating interdisciplinary thinking groups.

Other than a scientific city, Trieste is well known as a city of coffee. The coffee is in transit here and it has been treated in the free port for more than three centuries. Over the centuries, many places for coffee tasting emerged and to this day several beautiful historical cafes are still operating, the most important ones are the Caffè degli Specchi in Piazza Unità,  Caffè San Marco, Caffè Tommaseo in the city centre and the Caffè Stella Polare on the Grand Canal. These venues have been considered the favourite places of James Joyce, Italo Svevo and Umber to Saba, among others.

To enjoy a stay in Trieste to the full, there are professionals at hand for organising city visits, topical trips and a variety of tours, whether cultural, architectural, historical or literary. But it is also possible to plan courses for coffee tasting, take a Vespa tour of the Carso, visit wine cellars, or try out wine and olive-oil tasting sessions.

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Stay a few days more and visit the region Friuli Venezia Giulia

Trieste is the capital of an enchanting region, so think about staying a few days after the conference and enjoy a holiday in this amazing region! You will discover welcoming cities full of museums, art and European culture. July is also perfect for swimming and enjoying outdoor sports.

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