The programme of ESOF2022 at a glance:

EuroScience Open Forum

ESOF is the largest interdisciplinary scientific conference in Europe, founded by EuroScience in 2004 and held once every two years since.  It is dedicated to scientific research, innovation, and outreach. From 13 to 16 July 2022, ESOF2022 will take place in Leiden, The Netherlands, the European City of Science.

ESOF is designed by EuroScience as a unique opportunity in Europe to present and discuss the frontiers of scientific and technological advancement, the relationships between science and society, and the policies supporting research. Every edition of this conference is unique with different themes and addressing the prevailing issues in science and society.

ESOF aims to

  • foster dialogue on science, technology, innovation, policy and society;
  • offer a platform for cross-disciplinary interaction and exchange;
  • present cutting-edge scientific and technological developments in all scientific areas, including natural and medical sciences, life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences and humanities;
  • offer valuable opportunities for early-career researchers, including networking and career advice.

ESOF invites and attracts

ESOF has become a unique occasion and opportunity for leading scientists, young researchers, students, PhD’s industry, innovators, entrepreneurs, politician and policymakers, scientific journalists, and everyone with scientific interest of the general public with a curious mind who wants to discuss cutting-edge scientific results and their impact on society.

ESOF2022 in Leiden, the Netherlands

Leiden, with its internationally renowned university and its prestigious heritage as the birthplace of academic freedom, is a particularly suitable venue for ESOF’s 10th edition.

What to expect at ESOF2022

  • An extensive main program of approx. 100 scientific sessions: composed of lectures, seminars, workshops, debates and poster presentations focuses on the latest advances in scientific research, scientific practice and related policy issues.  It is structured around a series of keynote speakers and interactive sessions.
  • An Exhibition in the renowned Pieterskerk in the centre of Leiden; it showcases the best in European scientific activity and research, whether academic or industrial, from both the public and private sectors.
  • A Public engagement programme; Leiden developed a 365-day public science program of the European City of Science.
  • Wide variety of other meetings, satellite events and networking opportunities (involving, among others, science policy advisers and science media)


ESOF2022 Conference Theme

For ESOF2022, the two Champions, Ferry Breedveld and Corinne L. Hofman have announced the following overarching conference theme: ‘Crossing Borders, Engaged Science, Resilient Societies’, reflecting that heritage.

7 Scientific topics
Until 30 November 2021, scientists from all kinds of disciplines could submit the proposals aiming at one of 7 scientific challenging topics. More than 200 submissions have been submitted and reviewed. It is expected that the full program for ESOF2022 will be launched beginning of March 2022.

Crossing Borders, Engaged Science, Resilient Societies

The scientific topics this theme covers are:

  1. A sustainable environment (e.g. climate change, human rights, a sustinable way of living, green energy, citizen science, future mobility, future cities, economy)
  2. Cultural Identities and Societal Transformation (e.g. migration, fortress Europe, missions of museums and collections, contested heritage, art, protest movements)
  3. Space for science (e.g. search for earth, construction in space and on the moon, finding extra-terrestrial life, dark matter research, quantum computing)
  4. Healthy societies (e.g. chronic diseases, digital tools, increasing costs, interplay between industrial research and academic research, global inequalities, data protection, artificial intelligence)
  5. Freedom and responsibility of science (e.g. integrity in science advice, dialogue between science and policy, funding in freedom of science, responsible research and innovation, science diplomacy, conflicts of interests)
  6. Science and Business (e.g. entrepreneurial education, research performed in academia and industry, value-driven innovation, innovation out of the humanities)
  7. Sustainable Academic Careers (e.g. new career paths, research quality vs. quantity, the role of team science


The core question present throughout the ESOF2022 event will be: How will science be conducted in the future and how can science improve its role of being a transformative agent for societal change?

Sustainable and Inclusive!

After the positive experience of ESOF2020, the ESOF2022 edition will be both onsite and online event to maximize inclusion and minimize climate impact. ESOF2022 will employ the most advanced virtual conference technology to welcome conference participants from around the world, whether physically or virtually, to the City of Leiden.  

Special Early Career Researchers

We are organizing a number of exciting sessions and networking opportunities which will help students and Early Career Researchers enlarge both their knowledge and networks. The preliminary programme consists of workshops, panel discussions, debates and networking events such as receptions, meeting key scientists, Nobel Laureates or representatives of major funding organisation across Europe. The aim of this programme is to give the chance to the next generations of researchers, science communicators, science teachers and new policy makers to gain new experience, develop new skills and exchange with other delegates from other scientific fields. In accordance with the EuroScience spirit, special attention is put on the relationship between Science and Society.