ESOF2022 in Leiden

In 2022, the city of Leiden in the Netherlands will be hosting the 10th edition of the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) and the European City of Science. The Leiden University, the Municipality of Leiden, Leiden University of Applied Sciences, and the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) collaborate to organize the conference and the events all over the year in Leiden.

Considering the global academic climate, we cannot think of a more suitable city to host ESOF than the city that throughout centuries has proven itself to be a city of freethinkers. A city that guards the right of freedom and the city where academic freedom is born. The importance of freedom is paramount in a global time frame where the very essence of science is debated. The dynamic of science is the pursuit of truth, which can only flourish in an open debate and liberty among scientists.

With an internationally renowned university with the motto: Praesidium Liberatis – bastion of freedom. In a city that reflects the same long-lasting values with the motto: Haex Liberatis Ergo – all for the sake of freedom. Leiden is the perfect place for the 10th edition of ESOF.

Our proposed conference programme is a direct distil of Leiden’s motto and provides the context in which it is set. The scientific topics are inspired by both the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Dutch National Science Agenda. 

The overarching scientific questions formulated reflect the complexity of the issues challenging today’s society and provide a glimpse into the area’s where scientific research plans have to focus on the near future. With its world famous Medical Centre and BioSciencepark, Leiden takes part in global advancements, as recently in the Covid-19 vaccine development.

The main objective of ESOF2022 is to strengthen the trust in the various ways society is influenced by science and, on the other hand, how science is influenced by choices, dilemmas and responsibilities that arise in society. ESOF 2022 will be about the creation of a sense of urgency in scientists, policy makers, media, and the general public to deliberate more actively on science. ESOF2022 in Leiden will reinforce the societal dimension of European research-recognizing that citizen engagement is intrinsic to the support of science and to appreciate the benefits of science for the economy and quality of life.

ESOF2022 conference with the theme “Crossing the borders, engaged science, resilient society” is embedded in a 365-day programme of Leiden European City of Science where we will celebrate arts, science, and technology, targeted to reach out to the general public and truly connect science with society.

Leiden with its rich past, welcomes you to celebrate the future!