Bright Side of the Dark Universe

Cosmology is one of the scientific fields that have rapidly evolved during the last decades, and our understanding of the properties of our Universe is ever-growing. However, big mysteries remain unknown. According to the best models we have today, we live in the Universe, which in 95% is made of things whose nature remains a mystery – namely, the dark matter and dark energy. What are they? What is their origin? How can they be traced based on observations we have today? In the nearest decade, we expect the amount of available astronomical data to increase enormously, thanks to new big observational projects, which may bring us some answers but most likely also add new riddles to solve.

In this session, we will discuss why it is important to study the Universe, what are its hidden ingredients, and how the future progress might suffer from the development of the satellite constellations.


  1. Chairman: Dr. Agata Karska – Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland
  2. Prof. Agnieszka Pollo – Jagiellonian University / the National Centre for Nuclear Research, Poland
  3. Prof. Rien  van de Weijgaert – University of Groningen, the Netherlands
  4. Dr. hab. Dorota Skowron – University of Warsaw, Poland
  5. Dr. Przemysław Mróz – University of Warsaw, Poland


Institutions involved:

Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń 

The event is finished.