Cities of the future: Strategies to engage citizens in reshaping modern cities through sustainable urban mobility solutions.

How to involve citizens in encouraging the uptake of sustainable mobility solutions?

To answer this, European projects will share concrete insights and best practices for engaging better with people and users. The workshop will highlight the need for projects to involve citizens before going ahead with solutions. ICONS will show how social media can help in this respect. The discussion panel will draw on the lessons learnt in order to help the POCITYF project explore how citizen engagement may support its e-car solution planned for 2023.

The conference session will be divided into four sections, each building on the previous one:
1. Strategies and activities developed by EU projects to involve citizens
2. Showcase of the MAtchUP solution to reduce CO2 emissions by increasing the use of electric vehicles
3. The importance of science communication in citizen engagement with an emphasis on social media
4. Insights from the POCITYF project. The project has developed several strategies to engage citizens, tenants and other local stakeholders. It aims to apply these and other strategies to its future e-car sharing initiative. ESOF participants will be encouraged to help POCITYF define which of the strategies could be used and applied in the field of mobility.

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Jul 13 2022


9:00 am - 10:30 am




Location: Virtual Room 1
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