Education for entrepreneurship – creativity that brings value

The host University will start the panel by addressing general challenges to the panelists – representatives of academia, business and entrepreneurship incubators: Are universities preparing students to become entrepreneurs? Are they teaching to identify and exploit opportunities? The floor will be given twice to each person, in two rounds. As a final conclusion of the session, the host – on behalf of the panelists – will attempt to summarize best practices and recommendations concerning value-oriented, opportunity-driven entrepreneurship education.

The discussion in this panel will focus on identifying best practices, solutions, and recommendations concerning educating and experiencing entrepreneurship that will stimulate creativity and boost entrepreneurial intents. The participants will attempt to picture an efficient model of entrepreneurship education that could result in increasing innovativeness within existing organizations, as well as starting up and successful running own businesses based on creative (i.e. new, useful, and valuable) ideas. The discussion will then turn towards academic and organizational entrepreneurship. We will seek to find out how to stimulate innovativeness in order to commercialize creative ideas that will create value for stakeholders.

Starting points for the discussion:

  • to-date trends in entrepreneurship education: drawing the big picture,
  • Action- and experience-based entrepreneurship education – best practices,
  • Developing entrepreneurial intents and stimulating creativity,
  • From creative idea through innovation towards commercial success.


Speakers invited to the panel:

  1. Chairman: Prof. Wojciech Dyduch, University of Economics in Katowice, Katowice, Poland
  2. Ph.D. Izabella Kozłowska, Comarch Fintech Apfino, Katowice, Poland
  3. Ph.D. Kamil Kawecki, The Proventus Foundation, Chorzów, Poland
  4. Prof. Cosmin Gruescu, University of Lille, Lille, France
  5. Regina Schalinski, Prime Networking, Brandenburg, Germany
  6. Prof. Pedro Maranha, Coimbra Business School, Coimbra, Portugal


Institutions involved:

University of Economics in Katowice

The event is finished.