Effective Scientific Publisher. A Look Into the Future – Journals

The ESOF 2022 accompanying conference includes two sessions that will form a special panel dedicated to scientific publishers: Effective Scientific Publisher. A Look into the Future. 

The main topic of this panel will be an attempt to answer the question how a scientific publisher should evolve and operate, combining modernity with traditional editing, so that it becomes the best place for reliable review, publication and promotion of scientific research results.

What main needs of scientists (science) should a publisher meet? How to increase the opportunities to publish scientific articles and monographs so as to accelerate work without compromising the quality? How to increase the coverage and visibility of research conducted across state borders? How to involve scientists in cooperation?

The panel participants will address the questions how to integrate the activities of organisations promoting the distribution of good scientific content to achieve the synergy effect? How to do it using the technological capacities offered by the global computer network? Is it worth supporting the concept of open science and open access? If so, then to what extent and how should the method of financing scientific publishers be changed?

The discussion will also cover the possibilities of associating scientific publishers on a single publishing platform, and the related issues: does running scientific journals contribute to quicker development of scientific research? How to run and develop a good scientific journal? What is the significance of bibliometric databases in running journals?

The speakers will also try address the questions concerning open data transmission protocols and how they contribute to distribution of scientific content. Why is it crucial to describe well the metadata of a scientific publication and publish scientific content particularly in electronic form?

The first, public sessions, will be focus on the journals and Database problems.


Speakers invited to the panel:

  1. Dr Aneta Drabek, University of Silesia in Katowice, Senior Certified Curator, Katowice, Poland
  2. Katarzyna Patyrak, Research Intelligence Solutions Manager for Central&Eastern Europe, Elsevier, Warszawa, Poland
  3. Bartłomiej Więckowski, Customer Consultant, Research Intelligence, Elsevier, Warszawa, Poland
  4. Mireia Guardingo Melian, Head of Editorial Outreach, Web of Science at Clarivate Analytics, Barcelona, Spain (online, tbc)


Institutions involved:

Scientific Publishers Event

The event is finished.