Innovative approaches to user-centred development of Healthcare solutions

Providing effective healthcare solutions continues to be an increasing challenge. Whilst the past decade has witnessed a significant improvement in the functionality, decreased costs and pervasiveness of technology, there still exists a void between user needs and effective technology based solutions. Nevertheless, several studies have demonstrated that by adopting a user-centred approach, increased levels of user acceptance can be attained. Although we are moving one step closer to both understanding and defining the process of user engagement, we are nowhere near leveraging the full potential that innovative technology can offer from a healthcare perspective.
In an effort to address this challenge, a cluster of EU Horizon 2020 funded projects have consolidated their experiences in healthcare solution development to consider how innovation can be more deeply embedded in this domain. The panel tackles societal challenges from a diverse range of disciplines going from electronics and robotics, to informatics and artificial intelligence to the development of microfluidic solutions. These innovative solutions could have a major impact on the lives of young patients with leukaemia or of those suffering from age-related disorders such as dementia. The panel considers the quadruple helix concept of having users at the centre of innovative design with the multidisciplinary support of industry, academia, healthcare service providers and governmental bodies.
The session will be comprised of a mix of representatives from business, academic and end user organisations, all of which are currently involved in user-centred design of cutting edge healthcare solutions. The panel discussion highlighting the positive impact of engaging users and the use of Living Labs will be complemented by specific case studies aligned with the aforementioned topics, followed by an interactive discussion with the audience, supported by social media channels (Twitter # or online platform

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Jun 24 2021 - Jul 09 2021


12:00 am - 1:30 pm


Location: Virtual Room 1
Location: Virtual Room 1


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