Five Reasons to Attend ESOF2022 Online

Do you want to attend ESOF2022, but can’t commit to the time and expense associated with traveling in these uncertain times? Or are you worried about your carbon footprint and desire a more sustainable option, then our online ticket is for you! This is just one of the top 5 why reasons everyone should attend ESOF2022 online.

About ESOF2022 

ESOF2022 is a fully hybrid, interdisciplinary scientific conference taking place from Thursday, July 13 to Saturday, July 16 in Leiden the Netherlands. It is designed for anyone with a curious mind, from leading scientists, early career researchers to policy makers and science and technology communicators no matter where they may be. Why? Delegates can choose how they would like to participate onsite (in person) in Leiden, the Netherlands and/or online

Top 5 reasons to attend ESOF2022 online 

While the reasons to join are endless, the slideshow below highlights the top five reasons why delegates should choose to join us online for ESOF2022. 

Online programme highlights 

Nearly everything happening at ESOF2022 onsite is also happening online made possible by our advanced virtual platform.  

Online participants will have access to a diverse scientific and networking programme of over 120 sessions; 6 pre-conference workshops; 2 plenary sessions; 7 keynote speakers, one for each of the seven tracks; 75 poster presentations; special sessions organised by the Regional Site Katowice; an exhibition; two award ceremonies; five sponsored sessions; multiple satellite events; as well as the opening and closing ceremonies.

Our virtual conference platform 

The virtual platform allows delegates to easily partake in all live sessions delivered online with interactive session content, seamlessly blending onsite and online experiences, so online delegates feel as if they’re in Leiden. Whether onsite or online the scientific programme offering will be the same.  

Watch our promotional video here to experience the virtual online platform. 

As an added bonus, all registered delegates (onsite and online) will also be able to access all online content for two months following the conclusion of the conference. This feature ensures it will be impossible for delegates to miss anything happening at ESOF2022.  

Expand your network – online 

Of course, one of the main benefits of any conference is the opportunity to meet and network with colleagues and peers. There will also be plenty of opportunities to network online as well. Online delegates can interact with other delegates 24/7 in the Open Networking Area and inside the online sessions via the virtual conference platform.  

Have we convinced you to join ESOF2022 online? Registration takes just a few clicks or continue to explore the expansive ESOF2022 programme