Giorgio Chiarelli

Xperimental physicist, researcher at Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN).
My research activity, focused on understanding the standard model of elementary
particles and basic interactions, started at CDF- Collider Detector at Fermilab, installed
in the namesake Laboratory in the outskirts of Chicago. Here I was part of the team
that discovered the top quark in 1994-1995,then studied its properties in the following year, and finally
hunted the Higgs boson. I am not part of the ATLAS experiment at the CERN LHC.
Since more than ten years I deal with the problems related to valorization and
evaluation of research and its impact on society, and held leading roles both in my institution at at national level.
I have interest in communicating science and in developing exchange between scientists and
public at large in the context of engaging both sides in a dialogue.

Giorgio Chiarelli will be present at the conference : “How Do Research Organizations Foster A Broader Range Of Roles In Research?” on friday the 15th of July from 11:15 to 12:30

The conference will be online and in Cleveringa stage (KOG).

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