Luca De Biase

Biography La De Biase

Luca De Biase is an Italian journalist and essayist. He is innovation editor at Il Sole 24 Ore and Nòva24 (which he founded in 2005 and led until June 2011; and which he has been leading again since July 2013), and editor at La Vita Nòva, an award-winning tablet magazine. He is a Visiting Professor in innovation journalism at Padua University; a member of the Scientific Committee at Master in Science Communications at Sissa Trieste; a member of the Scientific Committee at Master in big data analytics at Luiss University, Rome.

His recent advisory roles include, among others, being a member of the Big Data Committee at Istituto Nazionale di Statistica, being a member of the Commission for rights and duties on the internet, Chamber of Deputies at the Italian Parliament 2014-2016; a member of the Big Data task force at Ministero Istruzione, Università, Ricerca; Luca has been a member of the permenent committee for innovation and the Italian digital agenda, 2014-2015; Luca has been an advisor to the Prime Minister for the Digital Agenda in 2013-14; in 2012 Luca has been working with the Italian Ministry for Economic Development in a task force aimed at improving the innovative-startup ecosystem.