Saša Novak

Biography Saša Novak

Researcher in material science at the Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

her research interests include advanced structural materials for nuclear fusion, biomaterials and colloidal processing. She’s a Lecturer of science communication at the Jožef Stefan Postgraduate School and also the Vice-president of the Slovenian Academic Society for Science and Engineering (SATENA). Her science communication effort include being a member of the European network of fusion public information officers FuseCOM, being the coordinator of the science promotion project Science on the Street the co-organiser of Science Slam, public talks and round tables.

She was awarded State (Zois) recognition for significant scientific achievements in material science in 2013 and the Slovenian Science Foundation’s Certificate of recognition for science communication in 2014.

She’s also the Author or co-author of 110 scientific papers and 36 popular articles on science