Olaf van Vliet

Leiden Young Academy

Olaf van Vliet is Professor at the Department of Economics and at the Institute of Public Administration, Leiden University. He holds the chair in economics, with a focus on comparative welfare state analysis. Olaf van Vliet conducts research on labour market transformations, on the implications of these transformations for social protection policies, and on how societies can become more resilient and responsive to these changes. Thereby, his focus is on flexibilization of the labour market, the effects of globalization and technological change (such as automation and digitalization), labour migration, the green transition and decarbonization, and income inequality. Olaf van Vliet is principal investigator of a consortium of European universities (funded by Horizon Europe) which conducts research on the future world of work, programme leader of Leiden University’s interdisciplinary research programme Social Citizenship & Migration, and board member of the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Center on the Governance of Migration and Diversity.

Olaf van Vliet will be present at the conference : “The Future Of Work: Opportunities And Challenges Of Digitalization, The Platform Economy And Flexibilization Of European Labour Markets” on thursday the 14th of July from 17:15 to 18:30

The conference will be online and in Aalmarkt stage (Stadsgehoorzaal).

More information : https://www.esof.eu/events/the-future-of-work-opportunities-and-challenges-of-digitalization-the-platform-economy-and-flexibilization-of-european-labour-markets/