Paul F. van der Heijden

Paul van der Heijden (1949) is professor of International Labour Law at Leiden University and
previously at the University of Amsterdam (1990-2007). He was co-creator and Chair of the
interdisciplinary Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (UvA/AIAS) He also held
the Jean Monnet Chair on European Employment Law at University of Bielefeld, Germany. He
published several books and many articles, extensively in Dutch (labour) law journals,
magazines and newspapers, and was editor-in-chief of several Dutch law journals. He
commented regularly on radio and television about industrial relations, labour law, strikes
etc. From 2002-2013 Van der Heijden was elected Rector Magnificus. First of Amsterdam
University (2002-2007) and subsequently of Leiden University, where he was also President of
the Executive Board (2007-2013).
Van der Heijden was for 22 years involved in the work of the ILO and chaired several HighLevel Missions of ILO to member states with a view on better implementation and
enforcement of ratified Conventions. From 2002- 2017 he was independent President of the
ILO Governing Body Committee on Freedom of Association (CFA). From 1995 till 2011 he was
head of the Dutch delegation to the yearly International Labour Conference and in 1998 and
2000 Chair of the ILO standing conference Committee on the Application of Standards (CAS).
He was also labour law adviser of the European Commission and published internationally on
labour law, e.g. Beyond Employment, Changes in Work and the Future of Labour Law in
Europe, Oxford University Press, 2001, together with Alain Supiot and others.
Van der Heijden is mediator and arbitrator in labour law cases. Since 1998 he is President of
the Dutch arbitration Committee for collective labour conflicts in cities and provinces and he
has been a judge in the Amsterdam District Court. From 2015-2019 Van der Heijden was
President of the Board of Clingendael Institute in The Hague a think-tank for International
Relations. Currently he is also non-executive member on the board of directors of the Dutch
subsidiary of IBM.
Paul van der Heijden studied law at the Amsterdam University (LLM) and received is PhD from
Leiden University. His dissertation (A fair trial in labour law?) was published by Kluwer in
1984. Van der Heijden is fellow of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Paul F. van der Heijden will be present at the Keynote “Academic Freedom: Concept, Framework, Challenges” on thursday the 14th of July from 11:30 to 12:30

The conference will be online and in Stadsgehoorzaal.

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