Christophe P. Rossel

Biography Christophe P. Rossel

Dr. Christophe Rossel is a Condensed Matter physicist with education and academic professional experience in Switzerland (Univ. of Neuchâtel and Geneva) and in USA (Temple Univ., Philadelphia and Univ. of California, San Diego). In 1987 he joined the IBM Research-Zurich Laboratory pursuing a scientific career focused on the physics of superconductors and later on nanoscience and the integration of advanced functional materials for CMOS semiconductor technology. As member of various international panels and president of the Swiss (2008-2012) and European Physical Societies (2015-2017) he has engaged in science policy issues, representing the community of physicists and advocating the contribution of physics and open science to the economic and cultural advancement in Europe. He is a member of the Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP) of the European Commission since 2016 and member of the executive board of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) since 2018.