Tips and Resources Spread the Word

With these tips, we hope to facilitate your support for ESOF2022:

STEP 1: Review Your Session Information in Our Programme

First take a look at the programme calendar and check whether your session information is complete. It not, please go to your registration and complete you session profile as soon as possible.

STEP 2: Send a Personal Email/Invitation with Voucher Code

Using this special voucher code for speakers please send personal invitations to your network to join ESOF2022, onsite or online

Each speaker can use this code: SP34K3RS2022

Feel free to use the text below to send your invitations: 

Dear [Name of Invitee]

I am happy to inform you that I will be taking part in the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) 2022, Europe’s largest interdisciplinary scientific conference, taking place onsite in Leiden, the Netherlands and/or online on Wednesday, July 13 to Saturday, July 16.

My session on [date] at [time] is entitled [session number and name of session].

To help you attend my session at ESOF2022, either onsite or online, I am delighted to offer you a special voucher code, which will discount the registration fee by 20%.

In the registration form you can use this special voucher code:  


Thank you in advance for your participation and support. It is greatly appreciated.

Let’s make ESOF2022 a success together! I look forward to seeing you there.

You can register for ESOF2022 here.

[Your name]

STEP 3: Announce Your ESOF2022 Contribution on Social Media

Help us spread the word! Be sure to share your ESOF2022 contribution with your network on social media to help promote not only your session but ESOF2022 as well. 

  • Create your own promotional text with a nice image  
  • Add your session date, time, title, and number of your session 

STEP 4: Download the Promotional Toolkit​

To further promote ESOF2022 and your session, you can download the promotional resources toolkit here on our website

This toolkit contains all kinds of materials including pre-prepared textlogos, banners, flyers, email signatures, and more which can use to inform your stakeholders. 

The toolkit also includes materials for the communication channels of your organisation’s website, intranet, newsletters, and social media.

Please contact your organisation’s Communications Department for assistance in promoting your participation in ESOF2022.

STEP 5: Follow ESOF2022 Social Media Channels & Share, Like & Comment

Every interaction helps us widen our reach and draw attention to your session, so please follow the ESOF2022 social media accounts, and like, share and comment as much as possible.  

STEP 6: Subscribe to the ESOF2022 Newsletter

Subscribe to the ESOF2022 newsletter for the latest information or updates about the programme and more.

  • Subscribe to the newsletter here
  • Share/forward our news and newsletters within your network 
  • Use this link to view the latest newsletter 

STEP 7: Add ESOF2022 Promotional Slide

Add a ESOF2022 promotional PowerPoint slide to your upcoming presentations. 

  • You can find the slide in the toolkit.

Programme at a Glance

Remember that you, as a Speaker, also have access to the full ESOF2022 scientific programme and events. Here you can find the Programme Calendar to discover sessions that are of interest to you. 

Or you can view or download the Programma at a Glance below.