Fernando Ferroni

Biography of Fernando Ferroni

Full Professor of Physics at the Sapienza University of Rome and President of the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) since 2011. Member of the Governing Board of Science Europe. He has focused his scientific studies on experimental particle physics, starting his research at CERN Laboratory where he investigated the nucleon structure functions from neutrino scattering and participated at the L3 experiment at the LEP accelerator. In the early nineties he joined the BABAR collaboration as a visiting scientist at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Centre (SLAC). Inside the collaboration he covered relevant responsibility roles such as executive board member, technical board member, physics coordinator and system manager of the muon detector. Since 2004 he is exploring the neutrinoless double beta decay with an experiment at the Gran Sasso Laboratories called CUORE and with an innovative project (Lucifer) on the same subject. He is the author of several hundred articles in scientific journals, he has served as member in numerous international scientific boards and chaired many committees in the field of high energy physics.