Dominique Lootens

Dominiek Lootens

Head of the Center for Dialogue in Frankfurt, Travel Grantee

“As the organiser of a science bus to Trieste (ESOF 2020), I can only speak in superlatives about the ESOF experience. The students were able to meet the director of ESOF and discuss science communication with an expert in a private session. The interdisciplinary online workshop on graphite and graphene presented by the students from Poland and Germany subsequently won a second prize for promising research in a national competition in Poland. Students from all disciplines should have the opportunity to experience ESOF. It helps them open their eyes to societal challenges and see through them from a transdisciplinary perspective.“


Eleonora Viezzer

Associate Professors at the University of Sevilla and winner of the EYRA Award 2020

About ESOF

It was the first time that I participated to an ESOF conference. It was really nice to network with so many people from different fields and get to know the shortlisted candidates for the EYRA prize. We organized a lunch get-together before our 3-minutes pitch on stage of the ESOF conference, and afterwards continued with the EYRA celebrations in Brussels – it was really fun.

About the EYRA Award

This award honours the most brilliant minds in Europe and I feel extremely lucky to be the awardee of 2018. It definitely boosted my career. Such a recognition at an early stage of a young researcher is always an outstanding moment and I would encourage everybody to participate.

Ibon Santiago 300x300

Ibon Santiago

Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow at the Technical University Munich, Travel Grantee

ESOF is more than a forum where one learns about the cutting-edge research taking place in Europe. It is also a bridge between science and society, a stimulating platform for debate and discussion about the role of science in our society. ESOF 2020 allowed me to engage with other stakeholders beyond the scientific community and participate in areas directly impacting research, such as science policy, science communication, and open science. Trieste, a seaport city at the heart of Europe, was a superb location for ESOF. Its strong tradition of research and scientific internationalism resonated with the spirit of ESOF. This Forum is an excellent venue for those willing to participate in the dialogue between science, society and policy..”