Travel Grants

[All calls for travel grants to ESOF2022 are closed]

For young aspiring researchers, including Postdocs, PhD candidates and master students, ESOF is an excellent opportunity to get immersed in Europe’s largest general science conference, learn about new discoveries in a large number of fields, meet Nobel laureates and young researchers across disciplines.

  • ESOF enables them to discuss career perspectives and participate in lively science policy debates with major European and national politicians and get an insight into science to business perspectives. Hundreds of journalists and media will cover the event and contribute to the enthusiastic atmosphere.
  • ESOF includes a Careers track specifically dedicated to the interests and concerns of PhD students, young post-docs and early-career researchers. In accordance with the EuroScience spirit, special attention is put on the relationship between Science and Society.
  • ESOF provides young researchers with a unique opportunity to meet and engage with leading scientists withing their field as well as from fields outside their own speciality.


We believe that as many young researchers and students as possible should be able to participate in ESOF2022. We have therefore raised funds to make it possible for some of them to learn from and contribute to the conference. 


The Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) is the agency that supports ground-breaking fundamental and strategic research at the universities of the Flemish Community.

The FWO funds excellent and promising researchers as well as research projects following an inter-university competition. The evaluation is carried out by national and international experts and the selection follows the bottom-up principle and is conducted on an inter-university basis.

The FWO also stimulates international cooperation and encourages international mobility by giving researchers the opportunity to gain experience or work as members of international research groups or by attracting researchers from abroad.

The Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Stiftung in collaboration with EuroScience is providing travel grants to six physics PhD candidates or Postdocs based in Germany.

The University of Zurich is funding a number of travel grants to bring junior researchers (PhD candidates and Postodcs) to ESOF2022. 

The Swedish Research Council – Vetenskapsrådet is funding travel of five young researchers. 

FNR is providing travel grants to ten young researchers.

CFD is considering funding a number of travel grants to bring young researchers to ESOF2022 in Leiden, the Netherlands. 

Estonian Research Council carries out international marketing activities under the Research in Estonia initiative. Its main aim is to introduce Estonian research internationally and to an international audience. We support the image of Estonia as a clean and safe country with a high scientific level where researchers are highly trusted in our society.

Research in Estonia is funding a number of travel grants to bring young Estonian researchers to ESOF2022 in Leiden, the Netherlands.

The Elite Network of Bavaria supports talented young students and researchers from around the world, from leaving school through to the postdoc phase. Our members benefit from attractive scholarships and programmes of research and study as well as from a vibrant inter­national and interdisciplinary network. We provide travel grants to ten of our members who are interested in participating in ESOF2022.